Thursday, January 27, 2005

3 Dimensional Alert!!

Yesterday I finally posted a letter that was waiting for a very long time. That triggered the use case of a GPS enabled phone/PDA/ that allows you to set appointment in 3 dimensions (I am not sure about the height though). So the idea would be that you will have your favorite destinations like your home, office, favourite store stored during cofiguration. Then when you need to get milk, you can set up the alert with milk and location. So on your daily trip back home, it will trigger as soon as you reach near the store.
Another important addition that I can think of is that the precision factor should be configurable for the location and associated quite time. So in case you are about 10 feet from the grocery store, it will remind you. Also in case you are in office on the 10th floor and you have a letter box nearby, it is not going to bother you every time you walk over to the window.