Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Symantec firewall Woes and solutions (Notes)

I was having some problems with Symantec client firewall and gaim. Basically only yahoo was working properly and other protocol like jabber and msn messenger were not working. So finally found the following link which tells how to add the port 443 and 5222 (for to HTTP Port list to get the gaim working with the Google and MSN. It is very interesting why this issue arises specifically for gaim when the MSN Messenger and Google talk work without any problem.
Another issue that I was running in to was that symantec firewall user session (that appears on the system tray) was crashing during initialization of the after login to windows. This was making the control of firewall very cumbersome. The Microsoft website did not give any specific reason for the crash. But today I noticed that after installing the Google Desktop 2 over the previous google Desktop, the firewall session did not crash.
When I tried to install the .Net Framework 1.1 the Client firewall crashed along with some nokia utilities (which were crashing previously), but the firewall seems to be stable after the re-start.