Tuesday, February 03, 2009


SUN is a great company when it comes to technological innovation but has failed to convert it into profits. Most of the people seem to blame their sales and marketing folks. I have seen this first hand in my domain also that for some reason they are unable to sell their products to non-technical folks even though their product is technically better than some of their competitor.
My thought is that they need to be acquired. I think there are two options
  • A technology company with strong sales and marketing that have complementary set of technologies and wants to provide top-to-bottom technology stack. A company like CISCO comes to mind.
  • A hosted solution company developing solution platform (currently called cloud platform) which can leaverage the deep hardware and software know how embedded in the firm to develop solutions on the specific stack.
Or hopefully SUN will be able to build a better sales and marketing team AND product designers rather than product engineers.

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