Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Recipe for Newspaper Survival in the Internet Age

  1. Some of the readers know more about the subject, so allow them to contribute
  2. Others know less about the subject or may have personal agenda. Let "community" handle them via "moderating system" (I think editors also must play a big role in the moderation till the community is not big enough to be self-regulating)
  3. Malicious, obscene content should not be reason for not opening up to readers. Let moderation or editor take care.
  4. reader vs advertiser - well if reader make the medium trustworthy, in long run you will have more revenue. besides that allow advertisers to reply to the things.
  5. Go "Local" and advertise local
  6. Think internet as mainstream medium to grow since all others are being reduced.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Java XML Tech


(Better) -



- XStream
- Jaxen

James Strachan: Is Ajax gonna kill the web frameworks?

Good Discussion!! The major points seems to be
  • When Client needs to receive remote events (obviously not by polling since that adds burden on server)
  • A very complex "windowing" GUI with a lot of local event generation, validation, etc which can be too much for javascript which is an interpreted (thus slower) language. - My interpretation
  • If the processing rely too much on the business state/session which contains sensitive data (hence needs to be stored some where safe) and in world of SOA there is no place to save them!! - My interpretation
  • Too much pain w.r.t. browser incompatibility and immature frameworks and tool support
  • In-house applications do not need them since the customer is on uniform platform.
  • Debuggin Javascript on browser is terrible - But faster since no compile step and also firefox has good tools(I think)
    • JSEclipse - Not good Enough

    • Thoughts!!
      Browser synched with the latest version of java.
      Standard Browser APIs for accessing Web Page DOM + Object Model
      Swing Platform and layout manager compatible with HTML
      That's JavaStart??

Monday, November 14, 2005

Cisco Moves Linksys into Small Business Market

Wow!! $62 per user! that seems way too high. What's with these service companies and their love with "per user" price. Why can't they service on "per channel" or "per connection" basis along with very basic fees for maintainance. This would make much sense for those companies that would like to give service access to all their employees but all their employees would not be using the system at the same time.
This model basically seems applicable to all the network based service where all the people would not be accessing the service all the time.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Evolving CIO's Technologies

  • "SOA" - anyhow, anywhere, anytime
  • Document Management
  • BPM/Workflow
  • Virtualization of OS, Storage & VPN, Wireless Network
  • Application streaming(??)
  • Opensource desktop
  • Grid

Thursday, November 03, 2005

AJAX Framework Comparision

Good Selection!! Need to revisit

WSSE 3.0

WSSE implements WS-* which is standard for interoperability. Digital signature, Authentication/User Token, WSE 3.0 does -
Security easier, integration with WCF,
---------||------||--------> Client Server <--------||------||--------- 6 Turnkey scenarios scenarios 1.
        send encrypted message 
        send encrypted large key
Client                                    Server
(Public Certificate)                       (private key)
large key                                    
         send user/password encrypted with large key
Use policy file to get it done
WCF - Shipped with Vista. WSSE 3.0 wire level interoperability with WCF.
|Secure|Reliable (new)| Tx      |             |
|Soap  (Message)                   |   WSDL   |
| XML/XSD (data)                                  |
| http    (transport)   | TCP |Custom(UDP) |
With 3.0, the ASMX besides the basic services can be hosted as a service along with websire

Bob Lee: Generating sequence diagrams with aspects

Indead a very good use of the concept of aspecting. I have not been able to understand the use of aspecting in the development and product code. Even the much touted logging usage does not make sense since it does not capture the business event for which you have to write specific event information through logging API directly.
But it seems the Aspect has found a good use in the debugging and understanding the applications' features.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

OctetString Engineer Says ‘Caching is Evil’

Ran into this comment which took me to above article. Besides the basic marketing stuff, the thought/comment did go into the core issue of why cache.
The idea of cache and cache management arises from the basic tussle between performance and data freshness. If you need better performance you will go with cache (well designed to have good cache hit and low cache miss) while if freshness is important cache may not be your cup of tea (unless designed so that updates flow into cache from datasource).
With regards to that, the cache has its place in identity management for data that for which the cache expiry or update speed is much higher than rate of data staleness (like first name, last name, email id, contact information) while it would be not so good viseversa or if freshness of data overrides performance requirements.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Airlines Trying To Cut Out The Middlemen... Again

Is the middleman finally going out of business especially if these service provider use eBay or google base to publish their data.

Oracle Hands Developers a Free, Open-Source Database

I did not see any thing about open-sourcing the database.