Tuesday, February 15, 2005

CPR of Software performance

While reading one of the articles on chip design I found that the ideas of Cache, Prediction and Replication were used to bump the perfomance of the chips. This is very interesting because most of the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) application also use the same concept (except prediction) to boost their performance. We do cache the data coming from databases and we do replicate the code across multiple servers to provide scalability. But the prediction is some thing that I have not seen in any product that I have worked with!! This is something that has bothered me for some time as to why is prediction not part of the JDBC implimentation or part of typical Object/Relational Mapping tools (need to check whether it is present in hibernate). I understand that even the basic implementation is going to be very complicated because we need the basic concept of finding patterns using both query and data, but this is a step that has to be taken to boost the application performance. I really need to find more information on any available product that already does this!!

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