Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dan Farber on Web 2.0

The article, got me thinking on the way content creation works on TV. I am not a TV history buff and so I may be wrong. The TV medium started out with only the big networks having the know how and money to create the content. This content was broadcast to the viewers. But as the time passed and more people became adept in the content creation process, the idea of syndication was born which allowed content creation to be separate from broadcasting. I think it is this idea that is one of the reason keeping google off the content creation wagon
MSN and Yahoo may continue to be content providers of the future with content providers like people (like columnists) and company (like big studio) syndicating the content to them. The google will be a "public access channel" which would allow users to create contents and publish to the world that would like to see them along with target advertisement?

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