Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Experts give identity management advice

Points raised on
  1. Process and System Integration are challenges
  2. "Identity Management is viewed to be responsibility of employees in charge of physical security" This is totally against all my experience in financial industry where the identity management is typically part of the Risk Management group and that co-ordinates with physical and HR to develop and implement identity management solutions. But at the same time HR is the golden data source in most of the place.
  3. "Get the background check process right" which is typically performed by HR during on-boarding process.
  4. "One ID across the organization" mostly a dream every body wants but nobody has (but there are instances where organization have been able to achieve it atleast for employees though not for customers.
  5. "Biometric is the key to solve duplication" but biometric can not be converted into identifier. It is used as authentication data but not as identifier.

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