Thursday, November 17, 2005

James Strachan: Is Ajax gonna kill the web frameworks?

Good Discussion!! The major points seems to be
  • When Client needs to receive remote events (obviously not by polling since that adds burden on server)
  • A very complex "windowing" GUI with a lot of local event generation, validation, etc which can be too much for javascript which is an interpreted (thus slower) language. - My interpretation
  • If the processing rely too much on the business state/session which contains sensitive data (hence needs to be stored some where safe) and in world of SOA there is no place to save them!! - My interpretation
  • Too much pain w.r.t. browser incompatibility and immature frameworks and tool support
  • In-house applications do not need them since the customer is on uniform platform.
  • Debuggin Javascript on browser is terrible - But faster since no compile step and also firefox has good tools(I think)
    • JSEclipse - Not good Enough

    • Thoughts!!
      Browser synched with the latest version of java.
      Standard Browser APIs for accessing Web Page DOM + Object Model
      Swing Platform and layout manager compatible with HTML
      That's JavaStart??

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